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Our Vision:
At SNOTES, our vision is to create a platform that serves as a valuable educational hub, empowering students and professionals with readily accessible, relevant, and reliable information.

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In 2019, the journey began as “BPA Notes” with the mission of sharing educational content widely. Despite challenges in registering top-level domains like .com, the author persevered and found a solution. Initially, the free ‘.ml’ domain extension was used along with a free hosting platform. As SNOTES grew, issues with the hosting system led to a shift to a subdomain of a personal ‘’ extension.

In the evolution, the platform transformed into “SNOTES,” expanding its offerings to cover a wider range of content beyond just BPA materials. Today, SNOTES proudly offers diverse resources, including Trending Topics, Tech Articles, BPA & MPA Contents and more.

Wide Range of Topics:
SNOTES covers a diverse array of topics, including Trending Topics, Tech Articles, BPA & MPA Contents, notes, and syllabus details and more. Whether you’re seeking updates on the latest trends or in-depth resources for professional certifications, SNOTES has something for everyone.

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